Schwarz & Weiß

I spent my last memories of 2015 back in the country I spent majority of my childhood in. Going back to Germany always brings back both a euphoric & melancholy feeling. Seeing my family and coming to together as one large family always brings a sense of content and joy, and this year we had a +1. We also took a trip back to a lot of our old homes and schools and hurt to see it being abandon and tore down. Aylin, my sister, is making a beautiful composition of that very topic in which i'll provide a link for (I had the honor to take the photos for the journal). 

This is a trip that never gets old for me the older I get. The pictures I took meant more than just walking in a foreign country and taking pictures. I'm taking pictures of my past time, the places I grew up and learned what life is all about.

Germany, I thank you.