Night Life

Mean Streets


There is this unexplainable nostalgic, 1970's, Mean Streets aura that the city of New York has that really cant be seen in any other city. As you talk to a lot of old heads, the city has changed so much in the past 30 years, it is basically unrecognizable. If you are walking around the Lower East Side and look at the scene at eye level, it looks like a new born city. Once you tilt your eyes upward towards the sky and look at the architecture, the history of NYC still stands deep in those walls of the buildings.

I started off on 11th street and made my way down to the Lower East Side later on into the night. There was this billiard bar on 11th street that I always used to pass my first summer in NYC and loved the ambience and the way the lights looked at night.

And of course, the infamous Va$htie DJ spot on Thursday nights and the only reason why I know what Webster Hall is. 


I started to drift deeper into the lower numbers, ran into a chicken wings spot for a quick pit stop. I'm sure if you've made your way around this region, you can name a lot of these places. The famous Katz's Delicatessen, Goodfellas Pizza joint, etc.

LES, I thank you.